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Degrees and Certifications:

Maria Knosel

Maria Knosel is principal of BRYSS Academy (Brownsville). Raised in South Texas, Ms. Knosel has been an educator since 1986, having taught elementary grades 2-5 in Brownsville public schools. Her educational experience includes serving as a classroom teacher, an instructional coach, and an assistant principal.

Ms. Knosel has worked with local universities and alternative certification programs to train new teachers. She has also been recognized for her presentations throughout South Texas on innovative strategies in English Language Learner programs, discipline systems, and best practices in literacy. Her presentations are the basis of her own commitment to spend time every week working with children and their teachers in classrooms to stay attuned to their needs and accomplishments. She uses current research and theory to provide hands-on, realistic applications in classrooms.  

Knosel earned her Bachelor’s and Master of Education degrees from the University of Texas at Brownsville.