• Children Investigating Science with Parents and Afterschool - CHISPA


    Mission: To illuminate pathways to success for women through wealth creation, education, and affordable housing. Our work results in economic security, family wellbeing, community engagement, and dignity for those we serve.


    The Raul Yzaguirre Schools for Success is a proud participant in the program, Children Investigating Science with Parents and Afterschool (CHISPA), which is a collaboration between the Frost Museum of Science in Miami, Florida, the National Council of La Raza, the ASPIRA Association, and a network of ten other science museum located in cities with growing Latino populations. The purpose of the program is to build stronger communities and increase the engagement of Hispanic children and their families with STEM education, science, and local science resources. 


    The afterschool science program uses an established and well-researched science curriculum that provides opportunities for indoor and outdoor investigation for elementary-school children. The APEX Science curriculum includes age-appropriate science concepts, including life science, energy, Earth science, environmental studies, motion, and space. 


    The program is also community-oriented as parents can also learn more about the importance of STEM education and science in their children’s future. Parents become better partners by knowing how to reinforce science learning, becoming familiar with local science-education resources and museums, and supporting their children’s natural curiosity about the world around them.