Raul Yzaguirre Schools for Success will adhere to the rules setforth by the Texas State Library and Archives Commission, Local Schedule SD.   

    This schedule establishes mandatory minimum retention periods for records that are associated with Public School Districts. No local government office may dispose of a record listed in this schedule prior to the expiration of its retention period. A records control schedule of a local government may not set a retention period that is less than that established for the record in this schedule. Original paper records may be disposed of prior to the expiration of their minimum retention periods if they have been microfilmed or electronically stored pursuant to the provisions of the Local Government Code, Chapter 204 or Chapter 205, as applicable, and rules of the Texas State Library and Archives Commission adopted under those chapters. Actual disposal of such records by a local government is subject to the policies and procedures of its records management program.


  • Requesting Transcripts

    Parents and students may come by the Data Department/Attendance Office to get a 'Records Request' form.   Please complete and return the form to Ms. Lisa Chacon or Ms. Mary Galan. **Please allow 1 - 2 business days for the transcript order to be filled. The first two  transcripts are free of charge and thereafter every transcript will be $1.00 and must be paid to Ms. Galan or Ms. Chacon before the transcript orders will be released.  All transcript orders can be picked up in the front desk with the receptionist. 


    Please contact:

    Ms. Galan or Ms. Chacon

    (713) 640-3705/ 640-3784



    A 'Records Request' form must be filled out and returned to the Data Department/Attendance Office.   


    Ms. Mary Galan or Ms. Lisa Chacon

    713-640-3705 or 713-640-3784


    For Brownsville RYSS student records, please call 956-574-7103 or 956-574-7105