Foster Care Program


    Want to be a foster parent?

    Having a passion to help children in foster care means you are part of a large community that is ready to take action in helping children find permanency today.


    Being a foster parent is a rewarding experience, whether the placement is for several days or several months. Just remember you’re never alone and there is a wealth of resources to help you along the way.


    The steps to becoming a foster parent are very similar to those as adopting, and involve many of the same seven steps. The first step is deciding you want to foster and contacting a foster care agency. It usually takes about a year from the time you first contact an agency to the time when a child is placed with you. This estimate can vary depending on the agency you’re working with and the State where you live.


    Learn more about the steps to becoming a foster parent. Below are links to the Texas Adoption Resource Exchange, which describe different ways you can get involved and find out what is happening across the country among families, concerned citizens, and child welfare professionals alike: 








    For more Information Please Contact: 

    Brenda J. Navarrete
    Case Manager
    Tejano Center for Community Concerns
    Child Placing Agency
    5300 Sunrise Rd.
    Houston, TX 77021
    Cell. 713-253-0912
    Fax. 713-644-5140