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    Bienestar y Salud Mental


    If you are struggling to cope with the challenges and stress during this difficult time, the Tejano Center may be able to help.  Here you will find information about services available, including making arrangements to speak with a professional in the social-emotional support team.

    All of us at the Tejano Center want you to stay safe and healthy -- together we can make this happen.  

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    Si usted tiene dificultades para hacer frente a desafíos y estrés durante estos momentos difíciles, Tejano Center puede ayudarlo. En esta página encontrará información sobre servicios disponibles, incluyendo información para hablar con un profesional del equipo de apoyo social-emocional.

    Todos nosotros en Tejano Center queremos que se mantenga seguro y saludable; juntos podemos hacer que esto suceda.

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  • Effective Immediately: Over half a million Texans have filed unemployment claims in the last 18 days as a result of COVID-19. We know there are more on their way.

    To make it easier for Texans to file and get through, we're asking for help from you, Texas.


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