K- 5th Gifted & Talented Programs 

    The Raul Yzaguirre Schools for Success works to empower all students to be prepared to live and work successfully in the 21st century. Consistent with that vision, RYSS offers every student college and career readiness programs that meet their individual needs and intellectual ability. The K-5 Gifted and Talented programs at Elite STEM Primary Academy are designed for students who perform at a high level of accomplishment and demonstrate creative and productive thinking and/or leadership ability. The K-5 Gifted and Talented programs provide these students with coursework that has the depth, complexity, and pacing that addresses their level of learning.     


    Elite STEM Primary Academy provides instruction that is geared toward self-directed learning with an emphasis on research, analysis, creativity, and communication. Faculty members are trained to foster individual thinking as well as group collaboration in the development of class projects and research assignments. 


    While Elite STEM Primary Academy’s Gifted and Talented Program offers a wide-ranging program of accelerated study in all subjects, it is also focusing on a comprehensive writing program to introduce students to the process and mechanics of writing. This new focus emphasizes to students the importance of critical thinking and problem solving through written expression.   


    At the beginning of each school year in September, all students have the opportunity to apply for Gifted and Talented programs as required by the Texas Education Agency. Parents can submit applications along with previous records of their children’s coursework, and students will undergo testing to determine eligibility for admission to the program.