• How To: A Tutorial Video

    How To: A Tutorial Video

    Everyone has talents and skills. In this project, you will use a fun tool called Powtoon to create a tutorial video to teach a skill of your choice. 
    Sign up for a free educational account at www.powtoon.com/account/signup/edu/
    Here is a sample video: http://www.powtoon.com/show/bHRkrfcuGUl/how-to-how-to/

    Your video tutorial must:

    • be created with Powtoon
    • be from 2-4 minutes in length.
    • include a detailed, step-by-step description of your skill.
    • include useful images and/or diagrams that help describe your steps.
    • have sound (music, narration or both).
    • be presented by you to the class. Remember: a good presenter does not read to the audience, but talks to the audience.

    To submit your assignment, EXPORT your video and then copy & paste your shared video and Share the link with me  via Google Drive

    HINT: if your link has the word "edit" in it, it's the wrong link!

    "How To" Score Sheet
    Time: 2-4 minutes 
    (-1 pt/sec over or under time)
    (up to 25 pts)
    Good Job
    (up to 20 pts)
    Not Quite
    (up to 15 pts)
    (0 pts)

    description of steps