• 2018-2019 RYSS Parent-Student Handbook

    RYSS is dedicated to student success, and for that reason, it is important for all students to know what is expected of them to ensure that their learning takes place in a safe, secure, and respectful environment. As an open-enrollment charter school, RYSS admits students regardless of their life circumstance and academic standing. However, all students are held to a high standard of conduct in class, on campus, and at school-sponsored events. Students represent RYSS and are expected to be familiar with and follow the rules and regulations outlined in the district’s Parent-Student Handbook. The handbook outlines the requirements and expectations for acceptable behavior and describes the consequences for misconduct.  By responsibly following the rules and regulations outlined in the Parent-Student Handbook, students also ensure that their rights in the school community will be protected.


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    Annual School Compact


    The RYSS Student Code of Conduct emphasizes the rights and responsibilities of students as important members of the school community, working toward their success. They are, however, not the only stakeholders who are expected to be just as dedicated to that success. The School Compact is an annual agreement between the individual student, his/her school, and his/her parent(s), which outlines the specific responsibilities each party has toward student progress and health, school/classroom safety, open communication, parental involvement and collaboration, and school pride.