Board of Directors

  •  The Board of Directors of the Tejano Center for Community Concerns are eight community-minded individuals who guide the operation of the center, approve its annual budget and expenditures, and determine the policies that drive the programs and personnel that serve the neighborhood residents and children.


    The five-member board of education of the Raul Yzaguirre Schools for Success (RYSS) also serve on the board of directors of the district’s parent organization, the Tejano Center for Community Concerns.


    The TEJANO CENTER Board of Directors & RYSS Board of Education


    *David Corpus, TCCC Board Chair and RYSS Board Vice-Chair

    *Anthony Magdaleno, RYSS Board Chair and TCCC Board Vice-Chair


    *Margaret Dunlap, TCCC and RYSS Secretary

    Daniel Bustamante, TCCC Member

    Salvador Gill, TCCC Member

    *Domingo Gonzalez, RYSS Member

    Maria P. Gonzalez, TCCC Member

    *Robert Hasson, RYSS Member

     * RYSS Board of Education