Ropes Course


    The ROPES Course consists of group activities, teamwork initiatives, and individual confidence enhancing techniques. Each participant will encounter exciting challenges that will: build a strong team, bolster self-esteem, promote a healthy outlook on life, and foster an environment for individual growth. Leadership, personal esteem, congruent abilities, and individual worth are but a few examples of what is gained on our “rope ladder to success” challenge course. The following is an overview of activities.



    Initiatives are activities that challenge the group to work together to accomplish a goal. These activities introduce the group to problem-solving techniques, communication skills, team work, and cooperation as well as sequencing toward the low elements.



    Low elements are activities that take place from 1-6 feet above the ground. The goals become more complex and the group begins to take risks together. The main low elements of our course are the trust fall, and the 12-foot wall. Both require team work and personal commitment for the group to accomplish. Low elements are the second level of achievement.



    High elements are the final level of activities that stretches the participant/team out of their comfort zone and allows them to achieve goals even beyond their expectations. The team encourages, and gives moral support to the climber. This is the ultimate accomplishment that the entire group shares in the support, and success of the individual.



    Our “rope ladder to success” course has proven, over the last 11 years, to be one of the best ways to incorporate higher level thinking skills, problem solving techniques, and teamwork among every age group from elementary students to seasoned teachers/professionals. I believe, beyond a shadow of doubt, that each and every participant that finishes this course will gain personal knowledge of, self-worth, team work, involvement/interaction with others, self-esteem, and conquer individual fears that may have held them back. Our goal as sponsors of this program is to offer to everyone the opportunity to improve themselves, both as team members and individuals. The ROPES Course is also offered to city, state and government entities, corporate companies, and nonprofit organizations that can benefit from our program. Session length includes: half day, full day, and two-day sessions.