Digital Lab

Raul Yzaguirre School for Success policy requires all students to have an acceptable use policy on file before use of school computers in the classroom, computer labs, or the library. The responsible parent or guardian must sign these permission slips BEFORE students may use school computers. Computer usage in the library is reserved for research purposes and searching the library catalog. Misuse of school computers could result in the loss of all or part of computer privileges for all or part of the school year. When students and parents signed off on the school’s Code of Conduct, they automatically signed the Acceptable Use Policies.


RYSS Instructors must also read through, sign, and submit the Digital Lab Agreement Form before scheduling classes with the school library technician. 


Computer Lab Rules

  • Handle ALL EQUIPMENT properly and with respect
  • Act appropriately at all times & be courteous to others
  • No gum, food, or drinks in lab
  • No Backpacks or Personal CD's
  • Stay at your assigned computer
  • Talk only when necessary & then quietly so you don't disturb others
  • Visit only approved or appropriate Internet sites for your assignment.
  • No "Surfing the Net"
  • Never Download-DO NOT for any reason download computer programs/software, music, movies, games, etc. 
  • Do not make any changes to computer settings. (This includes desktop, screen saver, etc.)
  • Students are expected to follow the District's Electronic Communication and Data Management Policy (Acceptable Use Policy).


Digital Lab Agreement Form.2016.pdf, 64.60 KB; (Last Modified on April 13, 2017)