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    Within the Brownsville Raul Yzaguirre School for Success Preparatory, it is the goal of every teacher and staff member to ensure that every student is receiving high-quality instruction and that every student, regardless of skill level, interest, or circumstance, is learning. The school has in place a process that helps teachers know when and in what areas students need more support. Response to Intervention (RTI) uses identification and intervention to measure student skills and to prescribe necessary actions to improve student performance.


    Early in the school year, teachers will assess the academic skills of all students. For those students identified as struggling in one or more subject areas, instructional assistance or interventions are provided to keep them from falling further behind. Ongoing evaluation of performance by the RTI team of specialists lets teachers know whether the interventions have been effective. As needed, students receive more intensive instructional interventions. Research-based interventions begin with the initial whole-class screening and, after ongoing rigorous monitoring of progress, can be intensified to small group instruction in the targeted subject and then to one-on-one instruction, if needed. Close monitoring of progress, student response to intervention, and parent involvement are all essential to the RTI process.


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