• COVID 19 Protocols and Expectations:

    ·         100% In-person Instruction

    ·         100% Mask required for all Employees and Students (Students may take off their masks outdoors).

    ·         COVID 19 Prevention will be required- Temporal Checks, Hand Washing/ Sanitation Stations, asking five CDC questions by Admin, Staff, and school nurse at each campus.

    ·         We will continue to follow CDC recommendations (3 feet apart when possible)

    ·         Our Facilities Personnel will be sanitizing doors, stairs, and classrooms throughout the day

    ·         NO visitors will be allowed on campus until further notice.

    ·         Please inform your campus admin staff/ department head if you need PPE for your classroom or office

    ·         Afterschool Programs and Tutorials will be canceled for the week of January 3rd. we will evaluate the COVID 19 impact/environment and communicate the expectations to our school community