• Dear Parents, Community, and Business Partners:


    Raul Yzaguirre Schools for Success is committed to the education of the children in our community. We feel Parent Engagement is an essential piece in ensuring that our students are successful in school and beyond. We believe that when parents are more involved in the academic process, school becomes more of a priority for their children. In addition, no school district can truly succeed without the support of its local community and business partners. RYSS must continue to initiate Strategic Partnerships and increase volunteer opportunities to community so that our scholars can be connected with college and/or career paths.


    Together, we will support our RYSS scholars!



    Blanca Nelly Saldaña 

    Family and Community Engagement Director 




  • BBVA Compass Financial Education Summit

    In 2016, BBVA Compass partnered with education technology leader EverFi to launch the Center for Financial Education (CFE) platform. This suite of comprehensive financial education courses is designed to effectively instill knowledge and to influence lasting, holistic behavior change. CFE is a community-based effort designed to provide individuals and families access to financial education.


    Tejano Center for Community Concerns is proud to be a recipient of the 218 Community Workshop Initiative Pilot Grant to serve our community. Together, Tejano Center and BBVA Compass will provide individuals, families, community, and professionals with a basic understanding of core financial values and money management skills - to help them take their first steps towards good financial management and regular savings behavior.


    2018 Financial Education Summit. (Participants pictured below)

    BBVA Compass

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  • Entre Mujeres: $5,000 Grant awarded


    About the program


    The mission of Entre Mujeres is to empower Latina high school students to recognize their personal worth and strengthen their leadership abilities, self-confidence, and ability to leverage their cultural assets to serve as agents of change in the Latino community and beyond. The objective of this program is to organize Entre Mujeres circles. Unidos US will be providing access to positive femininity curricula, opportunities for professional development, and ongoing technical assistance as we implement the Entre Mujeres program at RYSS and TCCC.


    Entre Mujeres Program:

    Program Coordinators: Yannelly Meza and Yulissa Mora

    Program Supervisor: Blanca Nelly Saldaña


    Participants (Names provided by SP):

    9th Graders:     15

    10th Graders:   8

    11th Graders:   7         


    Collaborations:            Special Populations, CCR, ECHS

    Cohort Launch Date:  September 14

    Grant Period:              18 Months

    Frequency:                  Once a Month/60-90 Minute Workshops

    Grant Begins:              Fall 2018


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  • bb




    Our school has been adopted by the Barbara Bush Literacy Foundation!!

    We are so excited!!! Each one of our students will have a My Home Library!!!

    Our students will select 6 books of their choice and the foundation will make sure students get the books they select!! How awesome is that?!
     Orders will be placed and we will distribute books the week of May 1st.

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  • Univision Contigo