Welcome to the Tejano Center-RYSS Library

  • The Raul Yzaguirre School for Success library has continued to intellectually nourish our young scholars by providing an environment of learning that combines effective traditional instruction with innovative technology. We have over 10,000 book titles in our PreK-12 Houston collection, which supports the rigorous curriculum in all content areas at RYSS. We Welcome everyone to a quiet and well-equipped library. 

  • Computer Lab Rules 

    • Handle ALL EQUIPMENT properly and with respect 

    • Act appropriately at all times & be courteous to others 

    • No gum, food, or drinks in the computer lab 

    • No Backpacks 

    • Stay at your assigned computer 

    • Talk only when necessary & quietly so you don't disturb others 

    • Visit only approved or appropriate Internet sites for your assignment. 

    • Never Download-DO NOT for any reason download computer programs/software, music, movies, games, etc.  

    • Do not make any changes to the computer settings. (This includes desktop, screen saver, etc.) 

    • Students are expected to follow the District's Electronic Communication and Data Management Policy (Acceptable Use Policy). 


    Library Book & Textbook Damages  

    It is important that students, staff, and faculty check their textbooks and report any damages. Students, staff, and faculty have 2 weeks to report any damage to textbooks. Each patron is responsible for the condition of each textbook checked out under their account. 

    Students, staff, and faculty must report any damage to a library book prior to or during their check-out so that fines will not be charged for damages once their library books are returned. 

    Damage fees are used to pay for the repair or replacement of books. Please contact the library if you have any questions. 

     Digital Lab 


    Computer usage in the library is reserved for research purposes and searching the library catalog. Misuse of school computers could result in the loss of all or part of computer privileges for all or part of the school year. When students and parents signed off on the school’s Code of Conduct, they automatically signed the Acceptable Use Policies. 

    RYSS Instructors must also read through, sign, and submit the Digital Lab Agreement Form before scheduling classes with the school library technician.  

  • Circulation Policy 

    Library books are loaned out for a period of one month for students in grades PreK-12th. At RYSS Library students present their IDENTIFICATION in order to check-out library books and other resources. If a student has an overdue book, no other book may be checked out from the library. A lost or damaged library item (Books, Equipment, Media, etc.) must be replaced or its cost reimbursed to the library. Overdue items are accrued the day after the due date at a rate of .25 per day up to $5.00. Students may pay cash or volunteer in the library to pay off their fees.  

    The book drop is located outside, in front of the library. It may be used to return any library books or textbooks. Please do not return calculators, or other technological equipment in the drop box. We want to keep all equipment from becoming damaged by heavy books that are returned to the library drop box.  



    Los libros de la biblioteca son prestados por un período de un mes para los estudiantes en grados K-12. Los estudiantes deben presentar su IDENTIFICACION para poder sacar libros y materiales de la biblioteca. Si un estudiante tiene un libro vencido, ningún otro libro puede ser prestado de la biblioteca. Un libro perdido o dañado debe ser reemplazado o reembolsar su costo a la biblioteca. Artículos (Libros, equipos, medios de comunicación, etc.) devueltos el día o días después de la fecha de vencimiento tendrán que pagar .25 centavos por cada día después de la fecha con el máximo balance de $5.00 por artículo. Estudiantes pueden pagar en efectivo o ser voluntarios en la biblioteca.  

    El buzón para regresar libros de la biblioteca, está localizado afuera, en frente de la biblioteca. Libros de la biblioteca y libros de texto, pueden ser devueltos allí. Favor de no devolver calculadoras u otro equipo de tecnología en el buzón. Para evitar daños a cualquier equipo por los libros pesados que se devuelven.