• 2018-2019 RYSS District and Campus Improvement Plans

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    18 - 19 RYSS District Improvement Plan

    18-19 CIP Elite Stem Primary Academy

    18-19 CIP Houston STEM and Early College Middle School (6-8)

    18-19 CIP Houston PTECH and Early College High School (9-12)

    18-19 CIP Brownsville Raul Yzaguirre STEM Scholars Preparatory (K-8)   

    Note: RYSS provides a translated message on the cover of the DIP and Title I CIPs instructing stakeholders who to contact if they would like the plan to be reviewed with them in their home language when >10% of the enrolled students in the district (DIP) or at a campus (CIP) have a home language other than English. If >40% of a language is the home language for the district or a campus, we will provide the translated plan in that language upon request.

    The CIP is posted online, and is also available at the front office of each campus and with the receptionist. The plan is also presented at parent meetings. Oral translations in Spanish is provided for all parents during meetings, events, and activities. Written translations in Spanish upon request by FACE department.

    The Parent & Family Engagement Policy was distributed to parents at the Parent meetings at the beginning of the year. Copies can be picked up at the front office & also viewed on the campus websites. RYSS provides oral translation as needed. The policy is available in both English and Spanish.

    Annual School - Parent Compact

    The RYSS Student Code of Conduct emphasizes the rights and responsibilities of students as important members of the school community, working toward their success. They are, however, not the only stakeholders who are expected to be just as dedicated to that success. The School Compact is an annual agreement between the individual student, his/her school, and his/her parent(s), which outlines the specific responsibilities each party has toward student progress and health, school/classroom safety, open communication, parental involvement and collaboration, and school pride.

    Click here:   18-19 RYSS Parent School Compact English

    Click here:   18-19 RYSS Parent School Compact Spanish 

    2018-2019 RYSS Parent Engagement Policy

    Parental Engagement is an important component of the home-school collaboration RYSS strives to create. What is a parent involvement policy? A parent involvement policy explains how the school district or the school itself supports the important role of parents in the education of their children. Every school district that receives Title I funds must have a parent involvement policy.

    Click here:  18-19 Title I Parent Involvement Policy English

    Click here:  18-19 Title I Parent Involvement Policy Spanish