We the faculty, staff, family, and community of Raul Yzaguirre Schools for Success, have committed ourselves to providing and obtaining the highest standard of education in a culturally relevant setting.

    The pursuit of excellence is aimed at developing self-respect and pride among our students. Our ultimate goal is for them to become critical thinkers and lifelong learners.



    RYSS will be the gold standard for excellence in community-based education by graduating college-bound, civic-oriented leaders.



    “I CARE”

    Integrity- Doing the right thing by being trustworthy, fair, honest and ethical.

    Citizenship –Committing to serve and fulfilling individual and organizational responsibilities through service to others. 

    Achievement – Recognizing and rewarding personal responsibility, outstanding performance and setting high expectations.

    Respect- Considering the needs of one another, recognizing others’ differences, and always assuming positive intent.

    Empowerment – Developing leadership in our faculty, staff, students, and parents and recognize their voices to effect change.


    The Raul Yzaguirre Schools for Success (RYSS) mission, vision and values statements reflect the belief that our schools should go beyond the traditional model.  RYSS must, instead, be a place that focuses, not only excellent academics, but also on meeting the needs of the whole student, the family, and the community.   It is our belief that through an integrated focus on academics, health and social services, and community engagement, RYSS will have a long-lasting impact on our surrounding community and the community-at-large.  

    RYSS provides all students with the knowledge and skills that will place them on a college-bound path and give them the foundation that will nurture leadership qualities.   As evidence of our commitment to this goal, we offer an enriched STEM program in middle school and dual credit classes for high school students as well as numerous other academic offerings. We envision the graduates of our schools becoming civic leaders of the future and participating in decision making at a local level and beyond.   We value the promise that our students will be the instrument of change and will give back to their community in the future. With this goal in mind, we emphasize real-world learning and community problem-solving. 

    The RYSS community includes numerous partnerships that are integral to our mission and vision.  It is through these partners that we provide health and human services to support our families and offer a range of opportunities and services to students and families.   It is through the combined effort between RYSS and our partners that we create a safe environment where students who are physically, socially, and emotionally healthy can learn to give back to the community. 

    While RYSS is open to children of all ethnicities, our enrollment is predominately Hispanic.  We value the strength and creativity that our students and their families bring to RYSS and capitalize on every opportunity to build a respectful environment focused on the rich fabric of their culture.

    The RYSS values, “I CARE,” are integral to our mission and vision for our schools.  It is through the daily modeling and teaching of these values that our students learn the importance of building the character traits and the habits that will be the foundation of success in their lives.

    The mission, vision, and values create the pillars on which RYSS is built and to which we are committed.  Raul Yzaguirre Schools for Success will be the model for community-based education by providing excellent academics, high expectations, building partnerships and delivering health and human services, graduating seniors prepared for college and a life of service and leadership, and supporting our families as they become stronger and more involved in our schools.