• 0-2 Early Childhood Development Program


    The 0-2 Program was created with the Raul Yzaguirre Schools for Success families in mind. We want to help


    nurture the growing bond between parent and child, while helping set-up the child to succeed in their


    future education.



    The program consists of two separate courses:


    1. The Play and Learning Strategies (PALS) I Infants curriculum


    2. The PALS II Toddler curriculum



    Each session includes a discussion of the parent's practice during the preceding week; introduction


    of the new topic; viewing of educational videos demonstrating the skill; and guided, videotaped practice.


    Both courses will include entertaining playtime activities between parent and child involving music,


    singing, dancing, and reading.



    Throughout the program, there is also an emphasis on educating parents about typical behaviors to expect


    from children at different ages and connecting with the child through one-on-one quality time.


    0-2 Program Application


    Aplicación para Programa de 0-2