RYSS is a Proud Affiliate of NCLR: National Council of La Raza




    Padres Comprometidos: Working with parents to support their children's success


    Connecting parents and schools


    Since 2009, our Padres Comprometidos programs have trained more than 200 facilitators and helped over

    3,400 parents support their children’s academic success. It fosters strong connections between parents

    and schools, empowering Latino parents to play a leading role in their child’s educational journey.


    In 2016, RYSS was applied and was awarded the NCLR Padres Comprometidos program. The first cohort of 20 RYSS parents of Primary Elite STEM Academy began the program in September, 2016. The second cohort will begin in January 2017. Parents must pre-register.


    These programs are designed to reach parents who traditionally are not connected to the schools

    because of:


    • Liguistic and cultural reasons
    • Economic backgroundPadres Comprometidos
    • Negative perception schools may have about parents or vice versa
    • Unfamiliarity with parent engagement in the school


    The programs help parents:


    • Understand the United States public school system
    • Develop goals for their children to ensure they attend college
    • Understand the academic requirements for college readiness
    • Model behaviors at home that encourage and promote learning   


                                                                                                                                                 Fall 2016 Cohort 

    For more information or to register, please contact:


    Blanca Nelly Saldaña

    Director of Family and Community Engagement

    713-640-3790 or saldanab@tejanocenter.org.